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Distance Education · Health Sciences · Health Information - HITT

Ambulatory Coding

  • Fall 2021
  • Section N01 CRN-21500
  • 4 Credits
  • 08/30/2021 to 12/16/2021
  • Modified 09/10/2021

Meeting Times

  • Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM

The student may access this course any day/time, as long as there is internet access.

Contact Information

Program Director: Health Information Technology: Jaime Schroeder

Office Hours: Mon-Thurs: 7:45 am - 12:00 pm, 1:00-3:15 pm

Friday: by appointment only

Virtual Office Hours: by appointment only

(e-mail me at any time)


Fundamentals of ambulatory coding rules, conventions, and guidelines.


Prerequisites: HITT 1305 Medical Terminology,

HITT 1441 Coding and Classification Systems,

BIOL 2404 Anatomy & Physiology,

HITT 2430 Pathophysiology & Pharmacology

OR Co-requisites: HITT 2430 Pathophysiology & Pharmacology

A student must be college-ready in reading according to TSI college-ready standards. 

All students with a major within the Health Information Technology Department must achieve a grade of 70% or better to complete the course. Three-year time limit if a student sat out for more than 1 academic year. Only offered fall & spring semesters. 

Core Curriculum Statement

This course is not a core curriculum course.


1. Apply nomenclatures and classification systems.

2. Assign codes.


3-2-1 Code It!

  • Author: Green
  • Publisher: Pearson
  • Edition: 9th
  • ISBN: 978-035-751-6010

Should have from HITT 1441

CPT 2021 Professional Edition Coding Book

  • Publisher: AMA Bookstore
  • Edition: 2021--Professional
  • ISBN: 978-164-016-0491

Will also be used in HITT 2340, 2435, & 2460

No electronic coding books (e-books)

ICD-10-CM Coding Book

  • Author: Casto
  • Publisher: AHIMA
  • Edition: 2021
  • ISBN: 978-158-426-8116

(Should have from HITT 1441)

Will also be used in HITT 2340, 2435, & 2460

No electronic coding books (e-books)

HCPCS Level II Coding Book

  • Publisher: AHIMA
  • Edition: 2021
  • ISBN: 978-158-426-8192

Will also be used in HITT 2340, 2435, & 2460

No electronic coding books (e-books)

Full Computer (not a Chromebook, tablet or smartphone)

Broadband Internet Access


Webcam for test proctoring

Mirror for test proctoring

AHIMA Vlab access (given by program director)

Access to a printer might be helpful

Computer Software is necessary to be successful in this course:  MS Office is free in your Buc email account to download or use in the cloud.   Install Office 365 or contact Academic Technology. 979-830-4357.

Course Requirements

  • Achievement of all learning outcomes
  • Completion of assignments
  • Completion of all major exams and final exam
  • Completion of project
  • Participation in classroom (online) discussion and activities



Point Distribution

900-1000   = A

800-899     = B

700-799     = C

600-699     = D

below 599   = F


Course must include a comprehensive final worth 20% of course grade, student participation grade of 10%, and minimum of 4 major grades.

  1. Major Exams:  Score determined by points earned on objective portion
  2. Minor Exams/Quizzes/Assignments: Points determined by accuracy, and correct answers
  3. Project: Points determined by accuracy, grammar, and other criteria stated on project instruction sheet
  4. Final Exam:  Points determined by accuracy, (problem portion) and correct answers (objective portion)


Discussions 1.5%

Major Exams 30%

Project 10%

Final Exam 20%

Homework 36%

Vlab assignments 2.5%

Blinn College Policies

All policies, guidelines, and procedures in the Blinn College CatalogBlinn College Board Policies, and the Blinn College Administrative Regulations are applicable to this course.

Specific information on civility, attendance, add/drop, scholastic integrity, students with disabilities, final grade appeal, alternative retailers, campus carry and proctoring arrangements and cost.

Notice of any action taken under these protocol and procedures, by Blinn College or its employees, may be delivered by hand, through the U.S. Postal Service, or electronically to the student’s Blinn Buc e-mail account. Notice shall be deemed received upon actual receipt, on deposit in the U.S. Mail, or upon entering the information processing system used by Blinn College for Blinn Buc e-mail accounts, whichever first occurs.

Information about the changes Blinn has made to the Fall semester: Back with Blinn.

Course Policies

Proctored Exams


It is the responsibility of faculty to maintain scholastic integrity at the College District by refusing to tolerate any form of scholastic dishonesty. Adequate control of test materials, strict supervision during testing, and other preventative measures shall be utilized, as necessary, to prevent cheating or plagiarism. (Blinn College Policy: Section Student Complaints/Course Grade Complaints #239501)

Honorlock is used for proctoring. If you are unable to use Honorlock because of some extenuating circumstance, contact the instructor immediately so we can arrange an alternate proctoring location.

Refer to the "Proctoring Information" submodule within eCampus for more information.

Attendance Policy (Drop Policy)

When the student misses 1 week's worth of assignments, the student will be given 1 absence. When the student misses 2 week's worth of assignments, the student will be given 2 absences and dropped from the course.

Completing late work does NOT make up for current assignments and students will still be counted absent if current work is not submitted on time. Logging in alone does not constitute attendance. The number of assignments vary each week. Refer to the schedule
to see what assignments are due each week.

The 4 excused absences include:
1. Observance of religious holy days - Students should notify their instructor(s) no later than the 15th day of the semester concerning
the specific date(s) for absences for any religious holy day(s);
2. Representing the College District at an official institutional function;
3. Dual credit students representing the high school or independent school district at an official institutional function; and
4. Military service.

Loss of electricity, failed technology, work schedule, personal circumstances, moving, and sickness are not excused absences. If an extenuating circumstance arises, contact your instructor immediately, not after you have missed the assignments.

Late Work Policy

All assignments are due by 11:30 pm central standard time on Tuesdays.

Orientation Assignments: No late work will be accepted.

Late Work: Assignments, Exams, Quizzes, etc. are due according to the schedule. Late assignments will be deducted 10% for days 1-2 late, 20% off for days 3-5 late, 30% off for days 6-7 late, after that a grade of zero will be assigned. Once the one-week extension has passed and the assignments are closed, they will not be re-opened for any reason.

Discussions: No late work will be accepted. First post by Friday prior to exam due date, second (reply) post due by the exam due date.

Project: No late work will be accepted.

Final Exams: No late work will be accepted.

Technical issues will not be considered an excuse for late or missing work. It is the student's responsibility to have a backup location to use if the student's internet connection or computer fails. All assignments are available for several days and you are expected to be diligent in your work. If you choose to wait until the day the assignment is due, then you are accepting the risk of not being able to complete the assignments. I strongly encourage you to complete assignments early whenever possible.

If Blinn has technology issues, then I will extend the due date, but I must get an e-mail from Blinn in order for this to apply.

Academic Integrity (Cheating Policy)

Dishonesty of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes copying work from another student or computer and turning it in as your own. It also includes having someone else complete the work for you. Depending on the severity of the dishonesty, the student may receive either a zero for the assignment or fail the course. All persons involved in academic dishonesty will be penalized.

Minor assignments may be discussed together as a group, but submissions must be individualized. No group work on major exams or on the project.

Answers from Quizlet, Chegg, CourseHero, answer keys, internet searches, etc. will not be accepted.

Cite your sources when applicable for all discussions (initial post and reply).


Communication is very important in distance education classes. I will communicate within the course by the news widget, discussion boards, and e-mail. Your Blinn e-mail will also be used at times for communication from other Blinn departments. You are responsible for all e-mail going to your Blinn e-mail address. The best scenario is to check that e-mail daily! Your e-mail address is your first and last name with a period in between and the last 2 digits of your student ID @ To find out more information about your Blinn email account and to set up your account, go to the Student e-mail accounts page

Notification of Initial License

Per HB1508, effective September 1, 2017, amended Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 53, requires notice regarding consequences of a criminal conviction on eligibility for an occupational license.

If a student has been convicted of a criminal offense, it is possible to complete the HITT program, however placement of a clinical site or employment is not guaranteed. Each Health Science Program will vary, please check with the director of the program you are accepted into for further clarification.

CAHIIM 2018 Competencies

The Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM) has approved competency tasks for entry-level health information technicians. Effective Fall 2020, the objectives of this course relate specifically to those tasks listed below.  

Domain I. Data Structure, Content, and Information Governance

I.2 Apply policies, regulations, and standards to the management of information. (Vlab Nuance Clintegrity)

I.3 Identify policies and strategies to achieve data integrity. (Vlab Nuance Clintegrity, Find-A-Code)

I.4 Determine compliance of health record content within the health organization. (Vlab Nuance Clintegrity, Find-A-Code)

I.5. Explain the use of classification systems, clinical vocabularies, and nomenclatures. (Vlab 3M, Nuance Clintegrity, Find-A-Code)

Domain II. Information Protection: Access, Use, Disclosure, Privacy, and Security

II.3 Identify compliance requirements throughout the health information life cycle. (Vlab Nuance Clintegrity, Find-A-Code)

Domain III. Informatics, Analytics, and Data Use

III.1 Apply health informatics concepts to the management of health information. (Vlab Nuance Clintegrity)

III.2. Utilize technologies for health information management. (text & Vlab 3M, Find-A-Code)

Domain IV. Revenue Cycle Management

IV.1 Validate assignment of diagnostic and procedural codes and groupings in accordance with official guidelines. (Vlab 3M, Nuance Clintegrity, Find-A-Code)

IV.2 Describe components of revenue cycle management and clinical documentation improvement. (Vlab 3M, Nuance Clintegrity, Find-A-Code)

IV.3 Summarize regulatory requirements and reimbursement methodologies. (Vlab 3M, Nuance Clintegrity, Find-A-Code)

IV.1 RM Determine diagnosis and procedure codes according to official guidelines. (text, Find-A-Code)

IV.2 RM Evaluate revenue cycle processes. (Vlab Nuance Clintegrity, Find-A-Code)

IV.3 RM Evaluate compliance with regulatory requirements and reimbursement methodologies. (Vlab Nuance Clintegrity, Find-A-Code)

Domain V. Health Law & Compliance

V.2 Demonstrate compliance with external forces. (Vlab 3M, Nuance Clintegrity, Find-A-Code)

V.3 Identify the components of risk management related to health information management. (Vlab Nuance Clintegrity, Find-A-Code)

V.4 Identify the impact of policy on health care. (Vlab Nuance Clintegrity)

Domain VI. Organizational Management & Leadership

VI.4 Utilize data-driven performance improvement techniques for decision making. (Vlab Find-A-Code)

VI.7 Assess ethical standards of practice. (Vlab 3M, Nuance Clintegrity)


Blinn College District
HITT 1442-N01, 21500
Ambulatory Coding
Tentative Schedule
Fall 2021
Week Day Assignment Details Possible Points Due Date Weekly
Weekly Lab Hours
1 M 08/30/21 Become familiar w/ eCampus (Read/Watch eCampus Orientation and complete Orientation Assignments   Tuesday, Sept. 7th 4 1
T 08/31/21 Chap 8: HCPCS Level II Coding System, pg 300-321 (Read chap/listen to lecture)  
W 09/01/21 Complete Chap 8 Exercises 8.1 on pg 302, 8.2 on pg 310-311, 8.3 on pg 318, 8.4 on pg 321 (only select questions within eCampus) 5
R 09/02/21 Complete Chap 8 Review, pg 322-328 (only select questions within eCampus) 10
F 09/03/21 Complete Chap 8 Quiz 10
Sa 09/04/21    
Su 09/05/21    
2 M 09/06/21 HOLIDAY   Tuesday, Sept. 14th 4 1
T 09/07/21 Chap 9: Intro to CPT Coding, pg 330-360 (Read chap/listen to lecture)  
W 09/08/21 Complete Chap 9 Exercises 9.1 on pg 332, 9.2 on pg 334, 9.3 on pg 336, 9.4 on pg 338, 9.5 on pg 340, 9.6 on pg 343, 9.7 on pg 346-347, 9.8 on pg 356, 9.9 on pg 360 (only select questions) 10
R 09/09/21 Complete Chap 9 Review, pg 361-365  (only select questions) 10
F 09/10/21 Complete Chap 9 Quiz 10
Sa 09/11/21    
Su 09/12/21    
3 M 09/13/21 Chap 10: CPT Evaluation & Managment, pg 366-418 (Read chap/listen to lecture)   Tuesday, Sept. 21st 4 1
T 09/14/21 continue…  
W 09/15/21 Day of Record - 9/15/21  
Complete Chap 10 Exercises: 10.1 on pg 369-370, 10.2 on pg 375, 10.3 on pg 387-388, 10.4 on pg 416-417, (only select questions) 10
R 09/16/21 Complete Chap 10 Review, pg 418-425 (only select questions) 10
F 09/17/21 Complete Chap 10 Quiz 10
Sa 09/18/21    
Su 09/19/21    
4 M 09/20/21 Chap 11: CPT Anesthesia, pg 426-459 (Read chap/listen to lecture)   Tuesday, Sept. 28th 4 1
T 09/21/21 Complete Chap 11 Exercises: 11.1 on pg 430, 11.2 on pg 432, 11.3 on pg 447-448, 11.4 on pg 458 (only select questions) 10
W 09/22/21 Complete Chap 11 Review, pg 459-466 (only select questions) 10
Complete Chap 11 Quiz 10
R 09/23/21 Exam 1: Chap 8-11 (both parts are proctored) 100
Part 1: 75 MC questions/ 90 minute time limit
Part 2: 25 FIB/MC questions/ no time limit
F 09/24/21 **Discussion Question #1  5
Sa 09/25/21    
Su 09/26/21    
5 M 09/27/21 Chap 12: CPT Surgery I, pg 467-506 (Read chap/listen to lecture)   Tuesday, Oct. 5th 4 1
T 09/28/21 continue…  
W 09/29/21 Complete Chap 12 Exercises: 12.1 on pg 473, 12.2 on pg 481, 12.3 on pg 482, 12.4 on pg 484, 12.5 on pg 488, 12.6 on pg 489, 12.7 on pg 489, 12.8 on pg 490, 12.9 on pg 500, 12.10 on pg 501, 12.11 on pg 506 (only select questions) 10
R 09/30/21 Complete Chap 12 Review pg 507-510 (only select questions) 10
F 10/01/21 Complete Chap 12 Quiz 10
Sa 10/02/21    
Su 10/03/21    
6 M 10/04/21 Chap 13: CPT Surgery II, pg 511-553 (Read chap/listen to lecture)   Tuesday,Oct. 12th 4 1
T 10/05/21 continue…  
W 10/06/21 Complete Chap 13 Exercises: 13.1 on pg 517, 13.2 on pg 520-521, 13.3 on pg 523, 13.4 on pg 524-525, 13.5 on pg 530, 13.6 on pg 532, 13.7 on pg 535, 13.8 on pg 537-538, 13.9 on pg 542, 13.10 on pg 544, 13.11 on pg 546, 13.12 on pg 548, 13.13 on pg 552 (only select questions) 10
R 10/07/21 Complete Chap 13 Review pg 553-557 (only select questions) 10
F 10/08/21 Complete Chap 13 Quiz 10
Sa 10/09/21    
Su 10/10/21    
7 M 10/11/21 Chap 14: CPT Surgery III, pg 558-596 (Read chap/listen to lecture)   Tuesday, Oct. 19th 4 1
T 10/12/21 continue…  
W 10/13/21 Complete Chap 14 Exercises: 14.1 on pg 577-578, 14.2 on pg 591, 14.3 on pg 595 (only select questions) 10
R 10/14/21 Complete Chap 14 Review pg 596-601  (only select questions) 10
F 10/15/21 Complete Chap 14 Quiz 10
Sa 10/16/21    
Su 10/17/21    
8 M 10/18/21 Chap 15: CPT Surgery IV, pg 602-642 (Read chap/listen to lecture)   Tuesday, Oct. 26th 4 1
T 10/19/21 continue…  
W 10/20/21 Chap 15 Exercises: 15.1 on pg 604, 15.2 on pg 612, 15.3 on pg 617-618, 15.4 on pg 625-626, 15.5 on pg 630, 15.6 on pg 640-641 (only select questions) 10
R 10/21/21 Chap 15 Review pg 642-647 10
F 10/22/21 Complete Chap 15 Quiz 10
Sa 10/23/21    
Su 10/24/21    
9 M 10/25/21 Chap 16: CPT Surgery V, pg 648-691 (Read chap/listen to lecture)   Tuesday, Nov. 2nd 4 1
T 10/26/21 continue…  
W 10/27/21 Complete Chap 16 Exercises: 16.1 on pg 653, 16.2 on pg 655, 16.3 on pg 660, 16.4 on pg 665, 16.5 on pg 667, 16.6 on pg 679-680, 16.7 on pg 685-686, 16.8 on pg 688-689, 16.9 on pg 690 (only select questions) 10
R 10/28/21 Complete Chap 16 Review pg 691-701 10
F 10/29/21 Complete Chap 16 Quiz 10
Sa 10/30/21    
Su 10/31/21    
10 M 11/01/21 Exam 2: Chap 12-16 (both parts are proctored) 100 Tuesday, Nov. 9th 4 1
Part 1: 75 MC questions/ 90 minute time limit
Part 2: 25 FIB/MC questions/ no time limit
T 11/02/21 **Discussion 2:  5
W 11/03/21    
R 11/04/21 Find-A-Code within AHIMA Virtual Lab 10
F 11/05/21 3M Encoder within AHIMA Virtual Lab 10
Sa 11/06/21    
Su 11/07/21    
11 M 11/08/21 Chap 17: CPT Radiology, pg 702-740 (Read chap/listen to lecture) 10 Tuesday, Nov. 16th 4 1
T 11/09/21 continue…  
W 11/10/21 Complete Chap 17 Exercises: 17.1 on pg 707, 17.2 on pg 710, 17.3 on pg 714, 17.4 on pg 722, 17.5 on pg 727-728, 17.6 on pg 735-736, 17.7 on pg 739 (only select questions) 10
R 11/11/21 Complete Chap 17 Review pg 740-745 (only select questions) 10
F 11/12/21 Complete Chap 17 Quiz 10
Sa 11/13/21    
Su 11/14/21    
12 M 11/15/21 Chap 18: CPT Path & Lab, pg 746-769 (Read chap/listen to lecture)   Tuesday, Nov. 23rd 4 1
T 11/16/21 continue…  
W 11/17/21 Complete Chap 18 Exercises: 18.1 on pg 750-751, 18.2 on pg 752-753, 18.3 on pg 767-768 (only select questions) 10
R 11/18/21 Complete Chap 18 Review pg 769-773 (only select questions) 10
F 11/19/21 Complete Chap 18 Quiz 10
Sa 11/20/21    
Su 11/21/21    
13 M 11/22/21 Chap 19: CPT Medicine, pg 774-810 (Read chap/listen to lecture)   Tuesday, Nov. 30th 4 1
T 11/23/21 Complete Chap 19 Exercises: 19.1 on pg 775, 19.2 on pg 777, 19.3 on pg 809-810 5
Complete Chap 19 Review pg 810-815 (only select questions) 10
Complete Chap 19 Quiz 10
W 11/24/21 HOLIDAY  
R 11/25/21 HOLIDAY  
F 11/26/21 HOLIDAY  
Sa 11/27/21    
Su 11/28/21    
14 M 11/29/21 Nuance Clintegrity Facility….within AHIMA Virtual Lab 5 Tuesday, Dec. 7th 4 1
T 11/30/21 Exam 3: Chap 17-19 (both parts are proctored) 100
Part 1: 75 MC questions/ 90 minute time limit
Part 2: 25 FIB/MC questions/ no time limit
W 12/01/21 **Discussion Question #3   5
R 12/02/21    
F 12/01/21 LAST DAY TO DROP WITH A Q - 12/3/21  
Sa 12/04/21    
Su 12/05/21    
15 M 12/06/21 Project 100 Tuesday, Dec. 14th 4 1
T 12/07/21 Project
W 12/08/21 Project
R 12/09/21 Project
F 12/10/21 Project
Sa 12/11/21  
Su 12/12/21  
16 M 12/13/21 FINALS - open at 7:00 am, covers all chapters  Part 1: 30 questions, not timed, Proctored     Part 2: 70 questions, not timed, Proctored 200 Wed. Dec. 15th 4 1
T 12/14/21 FINALS
W 12/15/21 FINALS-due by 11:30 pm
        Total Points 1000   64 16
        Total Contact Hours     80
You can always submit assignments ahead of time.  See late work policy.    
Assignments are due on Tuesdays by 11:30 pm Central Standard Time  
Finals will be the exception, based on Blinn's final exam schedule  
**Discussion Questions: 1st post must be submitted by the Friday before the due date.    
Reply (2nd post) must be submitted by the exam due date.  Discussion due dates are not extended