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Distance Education · Visual and Performing Arts · Speech - SPCH

Business and Professional Speaking

  • Summer I 2019
  • Section N01 CRN-30831
  • 3 Credits
  • 06/03/2019 to 07/01/2019
  • Modified 06/03/2019

Meeting Times

Online Speech 1321 Class

This class meets online in D2L only. 

Contact Information

Instructor: Mark Bohlman

Office Hours

  • Thursday, 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM, Central TIme


I will respond to emails within 24 hours; if needed, text or call me and I will reply upon receipt.

The primary way to contact me is at [email protected]


Study and application of communication within the business and professional context.  Special emphasis will be given to communication competencies in presentations, dyads, teams and technologically mediated formats.


Prerequisites:  None

Corequisites:  None

Core Curriculum Statement

Through the Texas Core Curriculum, students will gain a foundation of knowledge in human cultures and the physical and natural world, develop principles of personal and social responsibility for living in a diverse world, and advance intellectual and practical skills that are essential for all learning. For details relating to this core course, please see:


1. Demonstrate communication competence and critical thinking through an understanding of the foundational communication models.

2. Demonstrate essential public speaking skills in professional presentations.

3. Demonstrate written and oral competencies as it relates to employment (including job searches, interviews, interpersonal interaction, conflict management, leadership and performance appraisals).

4. Apply essential dyadic and small group processes as they relate to the workplace.

5. Utilize various technologies as they relate to competent communication.

6. Demonstrate effective cross-cultural communication.


O’Hair, D., Rubenstein, H., & Stewart, R. Pocket Guide to Public Speaking (5th Edition). Macmillan.

Available from the Blinn bookstore for purchase: (ISBN: 9781319019808)


Students need a recording device for this course; a smart phone, computer with camera, etc.  Students can use Tegrity, the video recording software within the course platform, or create a speech video via phone/computer/tablet and upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo.

Course Requirements

Students must present a minimum of four (5-8 minutes) speeches that include each of the following general speech purposes: informative, persuasive, and ceremonial.

Each speech must include an outline and a Works Cited page.


Students will develop and deliver a group speech working in assigned small groups of 3-5 students.  The speech purpose (celebrate, inform or persuade) and topic will be assigned by the professor. Each group must meet three times (minimum) for the project which includes a planning meeting, a practice session and the actual presentation. Throughout the project, students must evaluate each other (a rubric will be provided).  Students will also work to make ethical decisions to demonstrate an understanding of personal responsibility while working with their group. 

Each speech must include an outline and a Works Cited page.




Speech I (10%, 100 points)

Introduction Speech                                                                                (4-6 min.)

Your first speech in the course invited you to introduce yourself to the class by briefly discussing who you are and how you became who you are.  The purpose of this speech is to give you a chance to introduce yourself to the class, have a better understanding of others in the class, and have the opportunity to practice your public speaking skills. You should choose two qualities that define who you are or make you unique and think of a person in your life that helped instill these qualities. One outside source of information must be utilized in this speech.    

  • An outline is required; use the sample provided in the course as a template.
  • Extemporaneous delivery is required (max of 3  note-cards, up to size 3x5)
  • This assignment will require you to upload the speech URL, outline and note cards       

Speech II (15%, 150 points)

Informative Speech                                                                                 (5-7 min.)

For this assignment, you should choose a topic that you think is important and will enhance our understanding.  It should be about something “worth knowing about” that allows you to enhance our understanding.  Your audience and the ability to find academic sources should be considered when selecting a topic.  Topics can be a wide array of things and may be about objects, procedures, people, ideas, or events.  It is very important you choose your topic early on in the process in order to allow adequate time for research. Your speech should use an organization pattern appropriate for informative speaking and include 3-5 main points.  Please remember the goal of this speech is to inform, clarify, or extend information about your topic to the audience.   

  • A full sentence preparation outline and bibliography (APA or MLA format) are required
  • Extemporaneous delivery is required (max of 3 cards, up to size 3x5)
  • A visual aid is required. If you choose to use power point your presentation should not exceed 4 slides.
  • Oral and written citation of 3 sources is required
  • This assignment will require you to upload the speech URL, outline and note cards    

Speech III (20%, 200 points)

Persuasive Speech                                                                                   (6-8 min.)

You will develop a persuasive speech that argues to support a charity organization (i.e. environmental, healthcare, transportation, etc.).  You are encouraged to come up with a creative or original topic but a list of topics has been placed on D2L.  The speech must use the organization pattern of Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.  You are encouraged to choose a topic that interests you and that has academic sources available.  You should stress the persuasive purpose of your speech, and remember to be ethical.  Support any claims you make with sound evidence and reasoning.  The goal of this assignment is to be able to create strong arguments and be able to support them with outside research.

  • A preparation outline and bibliography (APA or MLA format) are required
  • Extemporaneous delivery is required (max of 5 cards, up to size 3x5)
  • Oral and written citation of 5 sources is required
  • This assignment will require you to upload the speech URL, outline and note cards   

Speech IV (15%, 150 points)

Group Speech                                                                                  (3-5 min.)

You will choose a group to work with and select a type of speech to deliver, either another Persuasive or Informative speech; each group member needs to aid in the creation of the speech, but as this is an online class, the group MAY choose to have one person deliver the speech on behalf of the others; more details will follow during the course.

  • A outline of the speech and bibliography  are required
  • Oral and written citation of 2 sources is required
  • The use of a visual aid is required; utilize for 20-30 seconds.
  • This assignment will require you to upload the speech URL, outline and note cards    

Participation (10%, 8 assignments/quizzes )

Your participation in this course is very important and will be determined using quizzes (three) and discussion boards (five).   Discussion boards/quizzes cannot be made up or submitted via e-mail unless the absence is a documented excused absence.  Discussion boards and quizzes are designed to make sure students are keeping up with the assigned readings and participating in class.        

Exams (30%, 150 points for each exam)

You will have a mid-term exam (15%) and a final exam (15%).  Exams will cover information in readings and lectures. Exams will be multiple choice and true/false.



Information about how the speeches are graded

  • Failure to attach your visual aid or incorporate the visual aid into your speech will result a 20 point deduction.
  • Failure to cite the required the number of sources will result in a 5 point deduction for each source not verbally cited
  • Having a full sentence outline in your presence will result in an automatic D.
  • You are required to have note cards, a full outline, and visual aid (if required) for every speech.
  • PowerPoints should not exceed 4 slides.
  • Drugs, alcohol, weapons, weapon reproductions, or toy weapons are not allowed as props for speeches.
  • Both your speech presentation and outline must be submitted to receive credit for the assignment.

Rules for recording speeches

  • No make-up speeches are allowed without a documented excused absence
  • I must have the outline and recording link by the time specified.  If I do not have it by the deadline, the speech is considered late and will not be graded - no exceptions.
  • You should always state your name at the start of the video
  • YOU MUST HAVE AN AUDIENCE OF AT LEAST 5 PEOPLE (18 YRS PLUS) IN YOUR AUDIENCE FOR EVERY SPEECH Please pan out to show your audience in the beginning and the end of your speech.  If you do not provide proof of your audience you will receive a 0.
  • Deliver the speech to the audience rather than to the camera
  • Please verify with your audience members that you will be uploading your video to YouTube and that they are okay with it.
  • Be aware that YouTube videos take a while to upload, so plan accordingly
  • Verify that your recording can be accessed by the instructor by trying to open the link and play it back on a separate recording device that was used for the presentation.  If the instructor cannot open the recording a 0 will be earned.
  • The link to the YouTube video should be included at the top of your outline. 


Final letter grades will be determined on the following scale:

90-100% (900 - 1000pts) = A        

80-89%  (800 - 899.9pts) = B    

70-79% (700 - 799.9pts)  = C    

60-69% (600 - 699.9pts) = D   

59% and below (599.9pts and below) = F



Speeches 60% (600pts)  

Speech I 10% (100pts)

Speech II 15% (150pts)

Speech III 20% (200pts)

Speech IV 15% (150pts)


Participation 10% (100pts)  

Discussion Boards (4)

Quizzes (1)

Exams 30% (300pts)  

Mid-Term Exam 15% (150pts)

Final Exam 15% (150pts)

Total 100% (1,000pts)      

Blinn College Policies

All policies, guidelines, and procedures in the Blinn College CatalogBlinn College Board Policies, and the Blinn College Administrative Regulations are applicable to this course.

Specific information on civility, attendance, add/drop, scholastic integrity, students with disabilities, final grade appeal, alternative retailers, campus carry and proctoring arrangements and cost.

Notice of any action taken under these protocol and procedures, by Blinn College or its employees, may be delivered by hand, through the U.S. Postal Service, or electronically to the student’s Blinn Buc e-mail account. Notice shall be deemed received upon actual receipt, on deposit in the U.S. Mail, or upon entering the information processing system used by Blinn College for Blinn Buc e-mail accounts, whichever first occurs.

Course Policies

Class Attendance:  Be aware that missing the following assignments will be considered an absence in the course: discussion boards, exams, quizzes, and speech recordings.  Having 1 week of absences (1 missed assignment) means you will receive a warning.  Two weeks of absences (2 missed assignments) means you are dropped from the course. You have 12 hours to contact me if you incur two absences, after that time, the absences will be entered without further warning to you and you will not be reinstated in the course.  



Proctoring Statement

Proctoring Requirements


In order to maintain high academic standards, the following assessments are required to be proctored:  


Assessment to be proctored

Type of Proctoring

All speeches

Speech recordings


Students will be required to submit photo identification (such as your Blinn ID or an official photo ID) the first week of the course to verify identity; your name must be visible. Students are encouraged to cover confidential information (such as the driver license number, address, etc.) See the course orientation module for more details and directions regarding submission of your photo ID. Failure to provide this identification will result in a ten percent deduction from your grade on assignments that require proctoring. 

The first week of the class, please take a photo of your ID and upload it to the dropbox for me; for every speech that you present, I will expect to see your note-cards and your ID at the start of your video.



**Other Class Policies**

Assigned Readings: All readings assigned to you are to be completed before the class date. Lectures are designed to reinforce the readings and provide any clarification you may need. There may also be information from the textbook which we will not discuss in class that will appear on the final exam, so you are responsible for that information.

Research Expectations:  It is expected that students use credible sources for speeches and other assignments in the course.  Wikipedia, and .com websites are not considered credible sources for speech assignments.  This also includes dictionaries,,,,, blogs and other non-credible websites.  It is expected that students are able to find scholarly resources.  Credible sources often originate in print.  Non-credible sources will not be counted as a source in your speech. If you have a question about a source being credible please ask me.

Visual Aids: No weapons or weapon reproductions may be used as props as part of the speech.

Contest a Grade or Discussion of Grades: If you are planning on discussing your speech performance, you must wait 12 hours to e-mail me after I have returned our speech grade.  You will also have two days after the 12 hour waiting period to contest your grade.  After that time, grades will not be changed.

 Communication in the Course: During the week you should expect a 24 hour response time and for communication during the weekend you should expect a 48 hour response time.  Please utilize the messaging system through D2L and your Blinn e-mail account.  You should check your D2L account and Blinn e-mail account daily for class announcements or feedback.  I will only respond to your e-mails if they are sent through your Blinn e-mail account. 

Copyright Notice: “Some of the materials utilized in this course are copyrighted. They are intended for use only by students enrolled in this course and only for instructional activities associated with and for the duration of the course.  They may not be retained in another medium or disseminated.” (Blinn College Distance Education Document)

Technical Issues: I cannot help with technical issues relating to Tegrity or D2L.  If you have trouble, you should contact the appropriate help desk for assistance. 



Course calendar and related activities
When Topic Notes
Week 1
Topic: Embarking on Public Speaking

Readings:  Chapters 1-6



  1. Intro Discussion by 6/5
  2. Interview Project by 6/8
  3. Resume/Cover Letter, draft by 6/5, final by 6/8
  4. Self-Introduction speech by 6/9 midnight.


Contact Hours: 12

Week 2
Topic: Sources, Outlines, and Audience Analysis

Readings:  Chapter 9-15



  1. Quiz 1 by 6/10
  2. Informative Speech by 6/12
  3. Informative Speech Reflection Discussion by 6/15
  4. Midterm Exam by 6/15


Contact Hours: 12

Week 3
Topic: Visual aids, Persuasive techniques, Voice and Body

Readings:  Chapter 17-24



  1. Discussion #3 by 6/18
  2. Discussion #4 by 6/20
  3. Quiz #2 by 6/21
  4. Persuasive Speech by 6/22


Contact Hours: 12

Week 4
Topic: Speaking to Groups, Business Comm, and Final Exam

Readings:  Chapters 25-30


  1. Persuasive Speech Reflection Discussion Board by 6/25
  2. Group Speech by 6/26
  3. Group Speech Reflection Discussion Board by 6/28
  4. Quiz 3 by 6/29

Contact Hours: 10

Week 5
Final Exam

Please complete the final exam by July 1, midnight


Contact hours:  2


Total Contact Hours: 48