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Master Course Syllabus · Natural Sciences · Physics - PHYS

University Physics I (lab)

  • Master Course Syllabus
  • Section ALL
  • 1 Credits
  • 01/01/2019 to 09/01/2019
  • Modified 08/05/2019

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3 laboratory hours per week; 48 total contact hours. Credit 1 semester hour.

Fundamental principles of physics, using calculus, for science, computer science, and engineering majors; the principles and applications of classical mechanics, including harmonic motion, physical systems, and thermodynamics; and emphasis on problem solving.


Corequisite:  PHYS 2325 University Physics I.

Core Curriculum Statement

Through the Texas Core Curriculum, students will gain a foundation of knowledge in human cultures and the physical and natural world, develop principles of personal and social responsibility for living in a diverse world, and advance intellectual and practical skills that are essential for all learning. For details relating to this core course, please see:


  1. Prepare laboratory reports that clearly communicate experimental information in a logical and scientific manner. 
  2. Conduct basic laboratory experiments involving classical mechanics.
  3. Relate physical observations and measurements involving classical mechanics to theoretical principles.
  4. Evaluate the accuracy of physical measurements and the potential sources of error in the measurements.
  5. Design fundamental experiments involving principles of classical mechanics.
  6. Identify appropriate sources of information for conducting laboratory experiments involving classical mechanics.


  • Required Laboratory Manual:  Each student must print out a copy of the labs for the semester.  It is in the form of a single .pdf file.
  • Required Homework System:  Students must purchase an access key to Mastering Physics, the textbook publisher’s online homework system.  This is bundled with the textbook at the Blinn bookstore.  Students should log in through eCampus and those who need to purchase a copy can do so through the eCampus link.
  • Scientific Calculator:  Students must have a proper scientific calculator with them for every class.


Course Requirements

All sections of this course regardless of modality must include these requirements.

  1. A minimum of ten experiments.
  2. A minimum of ten laboratory quizzes covering the experiments
  3. A comprehensive Final Exam.


The following a required components of a student's final grade.

  1. The Final Exam will represent at least 20% of the course grade.
  2. Homework, quizzes and/or additional projects may be assigned, as the instructor deems necessary.  These assignments will be stated in the instructor's course syllabus provided the first day of class.
  3. Class participation will count for a minimum of 10% of the course grade.

Blinn College Policies

All policies, guidelines, and procedures in the Blinn College CatalogBlinn College Board Policies, and the Blinn College Administrative Regulations are applicable to this course.

Specific information on civility, attendance, add/drop, scholastic integrity, students with disabilities, final grade appeal, alternative retailers, campus carry and proctoring arrangements and cost.

Notice of any action taken under these protocol and procedures, by Blinn College or its employees, may be delivered by hand, through the U.S. Postal Service, or electronically to the student’s Blinn Buc e-mail account. Notice shall be deemed received upon actual receipt, on deposit in the U.S. Mail, or upon entering the information processing system used by Blinn College for Blinn Buc e-mail accounts, whichever first occurs.

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