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Master Course Syllabus · Visual and Performing Arts · Drama - DRAM

Academic Cooperative

  • Master Course Syllabus 2013
  • Section ALL
  • 3 Credits
  • 01/01/2013 to 08/30/2013
  • Modified 08/05/2019

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An instructional program designed to integrate on-campus study with practical hands-on work experience. In conjunction with class seminars, the individual student will set specific goals and objectives in the study of drama. Credit: Three semester hours.




Core Curriculum Statement

This course is not a core curriculum course.


Develop a personal and shared aesthetic relating to a high production quality.

Acquire skills necessary in the production of live theatre.

Develop an appreciation and understanding of the complex process for the production of live theatre.

Employ the skills necessary in completing a theatrical assignment.

Apply regular and prompt participation within a performance-related course.

Develop a work ethic related to a professional environment.

Acquire the skills necessary to qualify for a entertainment-based career.

Build upon the necessary skills working with others in a professional environment.

Account for the proper work ethic involved in the stagecraft of a live performance.


No required materials.

Course Requirements



Types of evaluations and related weights
Type Weight Topic Notes

To make a grade of 90, the student must achieve a superior rating on all working skills and organization within assignments set forth by the instructor.


To make a grade of 80, the student must achieve an above average to superior rating on all working skills.


To make a grade of 70, the student must achieve an average rating on all working skills.


To make a grade of 60, the student must show a minimal concern for the assignment set forth by the instructor, pass duties on to others, and be unsuccessful in the completion of an assignment.


Class participation will count for at least 20% of the course grade.

Blinn College Policies

All policies, guidelines, and procedures in the Blinn College CatalogBlinn College Board Policies, and the Blinn College Administrative Regulations are applicable to this course.

Specific information on civility, attendance, add/drop, scholastic integrity, students with disabilities, final grade appeal, alternative retailers, campus carry and proctoring arrangements and cost.

Notice of any action taken under these protocol and procedures, by Blinn College or its employees, may be delivered by hand, through the U.S. Postal Service, or electronically to the student’s Blinn Buc e-mail account. Notice shall be deemed received upon actual receipt, on deposit in the U.S. Mail, or upon entering the information processing system used by Blinn College for Blinn Buc e-mail accounts, whichever first occurs.

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