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Blinn College • Police Academy - TEEX • Social Sciences • Criminal Justice - CJLE

Basic Peace Officer I CJLE-1506

  • Fall 2018
  • Section 300 CRN-11712
  • 5 Credits
  • 08/06/2018 to 12/07/2018
  • Modified 08/06/2018

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This class is an introduction to fitness and wellness, history of policing, professionalism and ethics, United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, criminal justice system, Texas Penal Code, Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, civil process, and stress management. Basic preparation for a new peace officer. Should be taken in conjunction with Basic Peace Officer II, III, and IV will satisfy the TCOLE-approved Basic Peace Officer Training Academy. This course may be offered only by institutions Licensed as a Police Academy by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCOLE). All students must complete academy application process. Admission to Blinn College does not guarantee admission to the police academy.



Prerequisites: All students must complete academy application process.

Corequisites: CJLE 1512, CJLE 1518, CJLE 1524

Core Curriculum Statement

This course is not a core curriculum course.


Demonstrate an understanding of basic fitness and wellness concepts related to the ability to perform law enforcement job tasks, reduce stress and to maintain a high level of fitness and wellness

Demonstrate an understanding of the development and influence of the evolution of police service models and the current role of civilian police in society

Demonstrate an understanding of the contemporary concepts of ethics and professionalism, as well as the civil and criminal laws related to unethical behavior of peace officers

Demonstrate an understanding of the statutory authority for administration of criminal justice as enumerated by the US and Texas Constitutions, the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure and the Texas Penal Code

Demonstrate the physical ability to provide CPR and Basic First Aid based on the American Heart Association standards of care  


All required materials will be distributed to the students by the academy coordinator for the course in accordance with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. Texas Penal Code and Motor Vehicle Handbook along with Academy Manual are required.

Course Requirements

Students must pass all elements of all courses CJLE 1506, 1512, 1518 and 1524 with a 80% average or higher

The Central Texas Police Academy is a pass/fail academy

This course is part of a four course sequence that represents a TCOLE approved Basic Police Academy

You must be 21 years of age at the completion of the academy in order to sit for the Basic Peace Officer licensing  exam



Types of evaluations and related weights
Type Weight Topic Notes

At least four or more major grades which may include the following:


Topic and skills tests              20 percent

3 Quarterly exams                   30 percent

Final exam                               50 percent

Blinn College Policies

All policies, guidelines, and procedures in the Blinn College CatalogBlinn College Board Policies, and the Blinn College Administrative Regulations are applicable to this course.

Specific information on civility, attendance, add/drop, scholastic integrity, students with disabilities, final grade appeal, alternative retailers, campus carry and proctoring arrangements and cost.

Notice of any action taken under these protocol and procedures, by Blinn College or its employees, may be delivered by hand, through the U.S. Postal Service, or electronically to the student’s Blinn Buc e-mail account. Notice shall be deemed received upon actual receipt, on deposit in the U.S. Mail, or upon entering the information processing system used by Blinn College for Blinn Buc e-mail accounts, whichever first occurs.

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