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Distance Education · Business and Technology · Computer Science - BCIS

Business Computer Applications

  • Summer I 2018
  • Section NX1 CRN-30705
  • 3 Credits
  • 06/04/2018 to 08/02/2018
  • Modified 06/03/2018

Meeting Times



Final Exam - Thursday, August 2, 2018  Online

Contact Information

Instructor: Carol Wiggins

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Office: Brenham: BULL 104 and Bryan: F227
  • Phone: 979-830-4295
  • Website:

Office Hours:  Please call 979-830-4295, or email [email protected] to schedule as appointment outside of my posted office hours.

Virtual Office Hours - This is a time where I will be online and available in eCampus to answer questions.

Monday/Wednesday    9:30pm - 10:00pm


Students will study computer terminology, hardware, and software related to the business environment. The focus of this course is on business productivity software applications and professional behavior in computing, including word processing (as needed), spreadsheets, databases, presentation graphics, and business-oriented utilization of the Internet.

Three class hours per week. Credit: Three semester hours.



Prerequisites: None

Corequisites: None

Core Curriculum Statement

This course is not a core curriculum course.


1. Describe the fundamentals of Information Technology (IT) infrastructure components: hardware, software, and data communications systems.

2. Explain the guiding principles of professional behavior in computing.

3. Demonstrate proper file management techniques to manipulate electronic files and folders in a local and networked environment.

4. Use business productivity software to manipulate data and find solutions to business problems.

5. Explain the concepts and terminology used in the operation of application systems in a business environment.

6. Identify emerging technologies for use in business applications.

7. Complete projects that integrate business software applications.


All Campuses: EXPLORING OFFICE 2016 WITH MY IT LAB (Volume 1)

  • Author: (Editor) Poatsy
  • Publisher: Pearson
  • Edition: 2016
  • ISBN: 9780134526454
  • Availability: Campus Bookstore


USB Storage

USB storage device to transfer files - at least 5 GB.

Course Requirements

Students must use an IBM-compatible PC with MS OFFICE 2013 software installed and have access to a high speed Internet Service and a current version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser.  Dial-up is not acceptable.  Any student who does not have access to a high speed Internet connection at home should plan on using Blinn’s Open Computer Lab for all class assignments. 

** Assignments are NOT compatible with an Apple/MacIntosh computer.  



Types of evaluations and related weights
Type Weight Topic Notes
Chapter Study Plan Bonus Up to 10%
Chapter Projects 50%
Chapter Quizzes 16% Total Points for Quizzes
Exams 20%
Final Exam 14%
Total 100%


Resulting grade and related performance levels
Grade Range Notes
A 90-100%
B 80-89%
C 70-79%
D 60-69%
F 0-59%

Blinn College Policies

All policies, guidelines, and procedures in the Blinn College CatalogBlinn College Board Policies, and the Blinn College Administrative Procedures Manual are applicable to this course.

Specific information on civility, attendance, add/drop, scholastic integrity, students with disabilities, final grade appeal, alternative retailers, campus carry and proctoring arrangements and cost.

Notice of any action taken under these protocol and procedures, by Blinn College or its employees, may be delivered by hand, through the U.S. Postal Service, or electronically to the student’s BlinnBuc e-mail account. Notice shall be deemed received upon actual receipt, on deposit in the U.S. Mail, or upon entering the information processing system used by Blinn College for BlinnBuc e-mail accounts, whichever first occurs.

Course Policies

MyITLab:  All assessment of Exams, Quizzes, Projects, Training, etc. will be done with the Pearson MyITLab.  The MyITLab website is or you can access it through the course website on eCampus.  It is a course requirement that each student MUST sign up on line using the student’s Blinn email address as his/her MyITLab username. The MyITLab Key code is sold with the text through the Blinn Bookstore.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has purchased the correct text with the proper key codes, etc.  Students should be very cautious about purchasing texts online or through other book sellers as these texts will probably not be usable for this course.  Students without the proper key code will not be able to enroll in the online assessment portion of the course and will NOT get credit for the course

Attendance and Participation Policy

  • Online attendance is mandatory. Students must complete 2/3 of the assignments each week with a grade of 50% or greater to be considered attending class. If 2/3 of the assignments have not been completed, the student will obtain one absence.
  • If four or more absences are accumulated, irregardless of class or online attendance, the student will be considered not attending the class and will be dropped from the class.

Grading Feedback

  • All assignments submitted to MyITLab will be graded immediately upon submission and available to review through MyITLab. eCampus grades will be updated on Mondays and will reflect the official class grade.
  • All assignments are due by 11:59 pm on the specified due date. Anything submitted after that time is considered late.
  • Late assignments will receive a 5% reduction is grade per day they are late.
  • Bonus assignments, exams and finals will not be accepted late.
  • If there is an unscheduled technical outage with eCampus or MyITLab, you will be given sufficient time to complete the assignments without penalty.

Academic Integrity/Proctoring

  • MyITLab tests all submissions for academic integrity. You cannot submit another student's files. You cannot copy and paste from another student's file. MyITLab will flag it and notify me.
  • If MyITLab flags an assignment, both students will be given the opportunity to explain and redo the assignment(s), ONCE. Subsequent flags on assignments will be considered cheating and will not be tolerated. Both students will receive a zero for the assignments that were flagged. If flagging continues beyond three incidences, the offending students will get given a F as their final grade in the class.
  • Students must have one test proctored by either the Blinn testing center or by Tegrity. The instructor will let each student know which exam will be proctored prior to the first exam.

Participation: A typical class week will consist of the following:

  1. Reading: Textbook reading will be required.  

  2. Study Plan: This consists of a pre-exam, training and post-exam.  The training is based on the questions that were missed in the pre-exam.
  3. Review Assignment: This project is a pass/fail grade.  If you get greater than a 70% you get full credit, if you get less than 70%, then you get 0.

  4. Projects: Two (2) projects will be assigned over each chapter to give the student experience in effective business communications.  These projects will be completed on-line and graded by MyITLab.

  5. Quizzes: One (1) quiz will be given over each assigned module.  These will be completed online and graded by MyITLab.

  6. Exams:  Three (3) major exams will be given over material from each chapter covered. The quizzes and exams will consist of on-line tasks as well as objective questions and will be graded by MyITLab.

  7. Final Exam: The comprehensive final will consist of on-line tasks as well as objective questions and will be graded by MyITLab.

Quizzes and Projects must be completed within the assigned times to receive a grade.  Late or missed work is deducted 5% per day late.

Class Policies and Procedures:

Student E-mail:  Blinn students are issued e-mail addresses on the Blinn College system. Please refer to Enrollment Services (Bryan ext.7223) for any assistance needed. Your Blinn e-mail account is the OFFICIAL means of communication between the instructor and the student.

Make-up work: Students are expected to complete all their work in the time specified.  No make-up exams will be given. Projects & quizzes must be completed during the scheduled time periods—both in-class and outside of class.  Missed projects and quizzes may NOT be made up.  Students have a week to complete all assignments for a given chapter.  Don't wait until the last minute to do the work.

Homework: Appropriate chapter readings must be completed and the assigned HW Quiz completed and submitted to MyITLab for a grade. 

Review Assignments must be completed and submitted to MyITLab before your Projects and Quizzes will be accepted for grade. .  No exceptions.  

Study Plan/Project/Quiz/Exam Policy:  All Study Plans, Projects, Quizzes and Exams will be taken on-line and will only be available to the student during a scheduled time period.  The student must make sure to complete the Training/Project/Quiz/Exam during that scheduled time period in order to receive a grade.  Those Training/Projects/Quizzes/Exams that are scheduled during a class period will be scheduled to begin promptly at the class starting time and will be cut off after the allotted time has expired.  Missed Projects and Chapter Quizzes cannot be made up. Students missing Exams because of an official Blinn excused absence must make arrangements to take a make-up exam within one (1) week of returning to class.

The only absences recognized by Blinn College as “excused” are those absences described in section 10(B) below.  All other absences (illness, Dr.’s visits, transportation problems, etc.) are unexcused absences—no exceptions.

Assignment Procedures:  To be successful in this class, most students should plan on spending a minimum of 12 hours each week to complete all the material for the class. 

This time is required for the student to do the following:

  1. Reading -- Read the assigned module.
  2. Study Plan --
    • Take the on-line Pre-Test for the chapter. (no grade)
    • Do the training exercises for the questions missed in the pre-test. (graded)
    • Take the on-line Post-Test for the chapter. (graded)
  3. Review Assignment -- Complete the on-line Review Assignment for each chapter.  
    • Student must submit the Review Assignment with at least 70% grade. The student will receive the full grade for any grade 70 or above and no grade for missing assignments or any grade less than 70.
  4. In Class Quiz and Guided Project:
    • Take the assigned Quiz for a GRADE (one attempt)
    • Perform the guided Project for GRADE (multiple attempts *)
  5. Individual Project:
    • Perform the assigned Project for GRADE (multiple attempts *) 

*Only the students highest grade for homework quizzes and projects will be recorded.  Projects & Quizzes MUST be finished and submitted for grading to MyITLab online to receive credit for the assignment.

Blinn Open Computer Lab:  Computer access is available for any Blinn student to work on outside class assignments.  There is an Open Computer Lab on both the Bryan and Brenham campuses.  This labs are open to any Blinn student with a valid student ID.  The Lab is supervised by Lab assistants and is open according to the following schedule: 


H225 and HSC4500


Bullock Building

Monday - Thursday 7:45 am - 9:30 pm Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Friday 7:45 am - 5:00 pm Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Saturday 9:30 am - 2:30 pm Saturday Closed
Sunday 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm Sunday Closed

Headphones:  Students wishing to perform assigned Training Modules in the Open Computer Lab may check out headphones from the service desk. 

Blinn Print Management System:  When printing in classrooms, labs and testing areas, the student will be required to enter the student ID number and password (date of birth --  yyyymmdd).  A prompt will appear to confirm the print job and will provide the total job cost.  Each enrolled student is given $15 in his/her print account per semester.  Students can add money to the account using the Add Value station in the Library building or at the Business Office in the “A” building.  Major Exam results will be required to be printed in class for grading purposes.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that a sufficient balance is available in the account for the Major Exams.

I have an “open door” policy. Students having difficulty with the course content are encouraged to set an appointment and/or visit me in my office.



Course calendar and related activities
When Topic Notes

The instructor reserves the right to make adjustments as necessary to enhance achievement of Student Learning Outcomes.

You will have the entire week to complete all assignments, but they must be done in order.  eCampus has them listed in correct order.  I do check completion and submission times.

Order of assignments:

  1. Reading
  2. Study Plan
  3. Review Assignment
  4. "In Class" Quiz
  5. Guided Project
  6. Individual Project



Class Date

Lecture Topics

Week Assignments

Contact Hours

Week 1

6/4 - 6/10

Class Introduction

Review Syllabus

Create MyITLab Student Acct.

Overview of MyITLAb Software

Win 10

Common Features

Purchase Textbook and MyITLab access key package

Purchase USB flash drive

Go through the Introduction Module in eCampus.

Take the Did You Actually Read It? Quiz in eCampus.

Complete the Week 1 checklist  in the Week 1 module in eCampus.


Week 2

6/11 - 6/17

Word Chapter 1

Word Chapter 2

Complete the Week 2 checklist  in the Week 2 module in eCampus.  3.0
 Week 3 6/18 - 6/24

Word Chapter 3

Word Chapter 4

Excel Chapter 1

Complete the Week 3 checklist  in the Week 3 module in eCampus.  3.0

Week 4


6/25 - 7/1

Test 1

Excel Chapter 2 

Take Test 1

Complete the Week 4 checklist  in the Week 4 module in eCampus.


Exam 1 Due by 7/1 @ 11:59 pm


Week 5

7/2 - 7/8

Excel Chapter 2

Complete the Week 5 checklist  in the Week 5 module in eCampus.


Week 6

7/9 - 7/15

Test 2

Access Chapters 1-2


Complete the Week 6 checklist  in the Week 6 module in eCampus.


Exam 2 Due by 7/15 @ 11:59 pm

Week 7

7/16 - 7/22

Access Chapters 3-4

Complete the Week 7 checklist  in the Week 7 module in eCampus.


Week 8

7/23 - 7/29

Test 3

PowerPoint Chapters 1-2

Complete the Week 8 checklist  in the Week 8 module in eCampus.


Exam 3 Due by 7/29 @ 11:59 pm  

Week 9 

7/30 - 8/5

PowerPoint Chapters 3-4

Complete the Week 9 checklist  in the Week 9 module in eCampus.


Week 10


*** FINAL EXAM ***


Total Contact Hours