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Dr. Nathan Krueger


Doctor of Philosophy, Animal Sciences (minor in Agronomy). University of Florida. Gainesville, Florida.   May 2006

Masters of Science, Agricultural Education. Texas A&M University. College Station, Texas.  August 2001

Bachelors of Science, Animal Science: Production/Industry Option.  Texas A&M University. College Station, Texas.  August 1999


Blinn College, Bryan, Texas.   August 2012 - Present

Agriculture Science Instructor;  Dept. Head since 2015

-AGRI 1307- Agronomy

-AGRI 1315- Horticulture.

-AGRI 1319- Animal Science.

-AGRI 1329- Principles of Food Science.

-AGRI 2317- Ag Economics.

-AGRI 2330- Wildlife Conservation and Management.

 Blinn College, Bryan, Texas.  August 2009 – August 2012

Natural Sciences Instructor

- Teach multiple sections of BIOL 1406 - General Biology I.

- Teach multiple sections of BIOL 1407 - General Biology II.

 USDA, Southern Plains Agricultural Research Center, College Station, Texas.  August 2006 - August 2011

Research Biologist           

- Guest lectured in graduate research methods in animal science courses at Texas A&M University. Lectures included: gas chromatography for measuring various analytes, anaerobic microbiological techniques for isolating bacteria, methods for growing and enumerating bacteria (aerobes and    anaerobes).

- Demonstrated the importance of food and animal safety to 4-H’ers enrolled in the 4-H veterinary assistant program.

 University of Florida, Department of Animal Sciences, Gainesville, Florida.   August 2001 - May 2006

Graduate Research Assistant                                                                                

Assisted in teaching various undergraduate courses.

Courses included:

- ANS 3404C Food Animal Nutrition

- ANS 3440 Principles of Animal Nutrition

- AEE 4224 Special Methods in Teaching Ag Ed

- ANS 4245C Beef Stocker/Feedyard Management

Guest lectured in various graduate courses. Courses included:

- ANS 6452 Principles of Forage Quality Evaluation

- ANS 6458 Advanced Methods in Nutrition Techniques

 Texas A&M University, Department of Agricultural Education, College Station, Texas.  January 2000 - August 2001

Graduate Teaching Assistant                                                             

Assisted in teaching undergraduate course: AGED 301 - Topics in Ag Leadership and Education. Duties included: delivered selected lectures, administered exams, reviews and graded course work.

- Taught two sections of ANSC 318 Feeds and Feeding labs. Duties included: delivered weekly laboratory lectures, developed and graded weekly problem sets, lab quizzes, and delivered lecture reviews.

- Assisted in organizing and coordinating Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (Houston, Texas) 4-H and FFA horse, dairy and livestock judging contests.

- Organized and assisted in coordinating area and state FFA Career Development Events (CDE’s) held at Texas A&M University.


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