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Dr. Jeffrey Peter Crean


Ph.D., History, Texas A&M University, May 2017 

Dissertation: “With Fear and Favor: A Rising China Threat and the Path to Normalization, 1954-1971”

M.A. History, Texas A&M University, December 2012

M.A. Political Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2009

M.A., Political Science, Marquette University, 2007

A.B. History, Princeton University, 2001 


Lecturer, Bush School of Public Service and International Affairs, August 2018 – Present

Instructor, Blinn College, August 2016 – Present

Graduate Assistant Lecturer, Texas A&M University, August 2015 – May 2017


“Ivory Towers and Bamboo Curtains: The Role of Professors in Changing China Policy,” Journal of Cold War Studies (forthcoming)

 “Advertising by Other Means: How the United States Army Depicted the Vietnam War in its Television Program The Big Picture,” in The Vietnam War in Popular Culture: The Influence of America’s Most Controversial War on Everyday Life, edited by Ron Milam, Praeger, 2017

“Something to Compete with Gunsmoke: The Big Picture Television Series and Selling a modern, progressive and forward thinking Army to Cold War America,” War & Society, June 2016

“War On The Line: Telephone Diplomacy in the Making and Maintenance of the Desert Storm Coalition,” Diplomacy & Statecraft, March 2015

Roundtable Book Review, Winning the Third World: Sino-American Rivalry during the Cold          War, Passport, April 2018

Book Review, Shadow Cold War: The Sino-Soviet Competition for the Third World, Passport, September 2016

Book Review, Deng Xiaoping: A Revolutionary Life, Journal of American-East Asian Studies, Fall 2015

Book Review, Diplomacy at the Brink: Eisenhower, Churchill, and Eden in the Cold War, H-Net, March 2015

Book Review, Making Patton: A Classic War Film’s Epic Journey to the Silver Screen, Film and History, Fall 2014

Book Review, Trilateralism and Beyond: Great Power Politics and the Korean Security Dilemma During and After the Cold War, H-Net, March 2013